Most kids think of playtime as a fun time to laugh, jump, swing, slide and be with their friends. But it’s actually so much more. Play is one of the most indispensable gifts we can give kids of any age, and you can’t overlook the importance of having an accessible neighborhood playground.

Playtime gives kids a chance to express themselves, explore their interests, improve their cognitive and motor skills and so much more. But children aren’t the only ones who benefit from neighborhood playground equipment — community playgrounds benefit kids and adults alike.

We believe playgrounds are an indispensable part of any neighborhood — not just for the kids who use them, but for every member of the community. Here are six of the ways that neighborhood playground equipment has transformed the lives of people just like you.

  1. Encourage Development
  2. Fight Obesity
  3. Build Community
  4. Reduce Crime
  5. Social Interactions
  6. Raise Property Value

While children are having fun on the playground, they’re actually growing and developing in ways they could never imagine. Playtime is an essential tool for nearly every aspect of child development, and playgrounds provide a host of fantastic developmental benefits for kids of all ages.

A playground is a priceless investment in the developmental well-being of your community’s children, as it:

  • Encourages kids to get off their electronic devices and enjoy physical activity
  • Builds lasting confidence and self-esteem
  • Provides an emotional and physical outlet for stress or pent-up energy
  • Improves social skills and allows kids to make new friends
  • Boosts cognitive development
  • And much more

The prevalence of childhood obesity is on the rise. The CDC reports that 18.5 percent of children and adolescents ages 2 through 19 struggle with weight issues, which can cause them to worry about social pressure and rejection. Many kids don’t have a place they can go to get up and move around, making it hard to lose weight and maintain their health. Access to community playgrounds allows kids a chance to get up and active, encouraging them to exercise while disguising the physical activity as fun and games and setting the foundation for an active lifestyle as they become older.

A playground encourages members of the neighborhood to come together before installation even begins. Community members can work together to set goals, vote on a custom design that will meet the neighborhood’s needs, spark excitement in the project through fundraisers and potentially even assemble the playground as a community. From the first step in the process, members are engaged and dedicated to providing the best playground solution.

Getting involved in the design, assembly and maintenance processes fosters a sense of belonging within neighborhoods and gives people a chance to get to know neighbors they may have never talked to before. People feel like they’re wanted and accepted as they rally together around the project, encouraging them to continue their involvement in the community long after the playground is installed.

A community playground also provides a place where families can spend time together, forging relationships that will last for years.

While kids who live in an inner-city neighborhood are 50 percent less likely to have a recreational facility near their home, research shows that parks and green spaces can reduce inner-city crime. A study conducted by Clemson University and North Carolina State researchers found that crimes of all types decreased along Chicago’s recreational Bloomingdale Trail far more quickly than in economically similar areas. Property, violent and disorderly crime all diminished along the trail, and the most substantial decrease in crime rates occurred in lower-income neighborhoods.

No matter your community’s economic status, nearly any area can be improved by adding a well-maintained playground and recreational area that increases foot traffic throughout the neighborhood.

Many parents of young children find it hard to make time to relax or go out and meet other families, leaving a deep need for mental and social fulfillment. Adults can enjoy the benefit of a playground just as much as kids as they relax outdoors and build fulfilling adult friendships with other parents and caregivers.

Public parks and playgrounds can be a great asset to the wallets of community members, as recreational amenities can increase the property values of surrounding residential homes by up to 20 percent.

Because many parents of young children look to move to an area where their kids can safely explore their surroundings, playgrounds offer the perfect incentive for these families to move to the community. In fact, nearby playgrounds are one of the top amenities that parents look for when finding a new home. Even businesses who want to relocate or expand rank parks as one of the top nearby amenities they look for since families who live nearby are more likely to engage in social activities.


A playground is more than just a place to play — it’s a place for families to bond, a hub for communities to gather and a fantastic tool in child development. At Max Play, we believe in the immense power of the playground. We offer only the highest quality playground equipment to benefit your neighborhood for years to come.

We’ve helped many communities just like yours build the playground of their dreams through design, financing, planning and other services that ensure you get the support you need. Contact us today to learn more about why so many neighborhoods trust us as their playground manufacturer to start the next step in your community’s journey toward turning your playground vision into a reality.

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