Safety Standard

Our Commitment to Safety

Kids love testing the limit. We make sure the odds are in their favor for every obstacle they face. When we start brainstorming a new product concept, safety is always at the forefront. It shapes the way we design, engineer, and manufacture each piece of equipment. From the big-picture concept to the smallest design details, we’re committed to creating playgrounds that allow kids to play safely and parents to breathe easy.

Whether kids are collaborating to solve activity panels or reaching the apex of a playground climber, we’re committed to providing an environment that’s as safe as possible. Each of our play structures meets or exceeds the industry’s established performance safety specifications.

Max Play takes this commitment one step further by directly participating in the standard development process. We take the time to consider the safety of each individual equipment piece as well as the playground’s layout and design.

Creating Challenging and Safe Playgrounds

Finding the perfect balance between safety and challenge requires an expert eye. At Max Play, safety comes first. We design our inclusive playgrounds with the goal of empowering children to develop and flourish through play. Often, this involves encouraging them to face challenges and overcome obstacles, gaining confidence in their physical and cognitive abilities.

We accomplish this through age and ability-appropriate playgrounds, which allow children to challenge themselves while feeling secure as they play. We minimize any potential risks or hazards by increasing safety measures, ensuring soft material covers along with stable structures, and carefully calculating heights and distances. Within this structure, kids have the chance to explore and test their limits.

Max Play Playground Safety Checklist

In order to address safety concerns with each of our play structures, Max Play follows a set of playground safety guidelines. Our checklist includes several factors such as:

  • Playground users: One of the first things we ask ourselves is, who will be using the playground? To be both safe and effective, the playground must be appropriately designed for the age and ability of its users. Toddlers and young children will use different equipment than older kids, and may require separate areas entirely. We intentionally design inclusive playgrounds that are accessible and safe for kids of all abilities.
  • Surfacing safety: Protective surfacing is one of the best ways to decrease the risk of injury. Surfacing differs depending on the specific playground but may include deep loose-fill materials, rubber mulch, resilient tiles, a unitary safety surface, or a combination of these. The most frequently used zones often use loose-fill material, with rubber tile pathways to create accessibility for children in wheelchairs.
  • Environmental conditions: Outdoor play comes with environmental challenges. To prevent sun-related issues, we advise setting up a playground in the shade. To minimize water damage or slipping due to rain, we recommend ensuring there is a good water drainage system in place.
  • Regulations:Our checklist includes strict adherence to industry regulations and certifications. We ensure that each of our equipment pieces goes above and beyond to follow established safety standards.

Playground Safety Guidelines and Standards

Before crafting or constructing a playground, we consider the many national established playground safety standards that ensure kids can play outside with minimal risk possible. These playground equipment standards include:

  • ASTM

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an independent, internationally known society responsible for developing technical standards used to test products. They’ve created a set of specifications for playground equipment safety performance standards called F1487. We follow ASTM regulations and playground standards closely when designing each of our equipment pieces.


TÜV Product Service leads the way on an international level when it comes to tests and certifications. European Standard EN1176 is a recent combined European Standard when it comes to safe Commercial Playground Equipment. Using the TÜV certification mark signifies the product’s quality and observance of strict safety guidelines.


Our company is a member in good standing of IPEMA, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA is a member-driven international trade organization that represents and promotes an open market for manufacturers of play equipment.

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